7 Reasons Ruby Cup Is The Best Menstrual Cup For Beginners

Are you looking into getting your first menstrual cup? Fantastic, your periods are about to radically change for the better. Period cups are the best way to go when it comes to convenient and healthier period products, for yourself and for the planet.

So, the decision is made: you’re going to put a cup in your vagina (if this still sounds strange to you, trust us, once you’ve made the switch you’ll never ever want to use anything else ever again).

Chances are you’re a little overwhelmed by the vast choice of different menstrual cups out there. There’s a best menstrual cup for sensitive vaginas, a best menstrual cup for a high or low cervix, a best cup for Virgos (just kidding).


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97% of users love their Ruby Cup so much they would recommend it to a friend.* Here are seven reasons why Ruby Cup is an ideal beginners cup.

1. Ruby Cup is a soft cup - but not too soft

The Ruby Cup is a medium soft menstrual cup making it ideal for beginners. Very soft cups have the tendency to be difficult to pop open once they’re inserted. The Ruby Cup, though soft, has been designed to have a firm rim which ensures it pops open easily once inserted.

Our clients constantly refer to their cups as the most comfortable menstrual cup, partially because of this.

Should you still struggle to get your cup to open up, here are essential tips to help you get your menstrual cup to open up.


2. Ruby Cup the easiest menstrual cup to insert 

The medium softness of our menstrual cup makes it easy to hold the fold in place when you’re inserting the cup. There are many different folds, and we recommend you try a few to see which works best for you. The three most popular are the punchdown, c- and 7-folds. Tutorials on how to fold your menstrual cup here.

Extra tip: use water-based lube to make the first insertion super easy

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3.It's one of the most comfortable menstrual cups, you won’t feel it!

If you’re like many first time users you may worry that you’ll constantly feel your menstrual cup, that inserting it hurts or that it’s too big (quick note: menstrual cups don’t stretch out your vagina or take away your virginity.) Rest assured, wearing a menstrual cup is not painful at all. In fact, many people even forget they’re on their period when they’re “wearing” their Ruby Cup (yep, it’s that comfortable.)

"Once you learn to use it, it becomes pretty easy and you basically forget that you are on your period, you don't even feel it inside and I can use it up to 12 hours."
- Elena on Sep 05, 2019

Ruby Cup’s softness is particularly appreciated by people who have found that a firmer cup puts too much pressure on their bladder.

4. Ruby Cup’s unique grip rings and stem make for easy to remove

Once you’ve successfully inserted your period cup, your next concern is likely: “How on earth do I get that thing out again?”

Breaking the seal is essential to a pain-free menstrual cup removal and the Ruby Cup’s unique air holes, grip rings and stem have been designed to support that process.

The grip rings at the base of the cup along with the silicone's softness make it easy to pinch the cup and release the suction. The knobs on the stem give support for a good grip to guide the cup out easily.

The air holes make sure the suction is never too strong, but just strong enough to hold the cup in place.

Tip: check out our step-by-step period cup removal guide and remember it gets easier with practice.

5. Our menstrual cups comes in two sizes


The Ruby Cup comes in two sizes, small and medium to comfortably fit women of all sizes. Our guide on how to choose the right menstrual cup size will help you figure out the right size for you in a few simple steps.

Take our quiz to know your Ruby Cup size:


  You’ll especially want to check out our menstrual cup size guide if you’ve been told that the right menstrual cup size depends on your age or if you’ve given birth as these myths need to be busted.

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6. 120 day Money Back Guarantee

If you need to switch menstrual cup sizes, no problem, just contact us within 120 days for an exchange. Similarly, if you have tried your Ruby Cup for a few cycles and can’t get the hang of it, just let us know and we will issue a full refund within 120 days of purchase, no questions asked.

7. Get extra support from our helpful beginner’s guide to using a menstrual cup and our caring customer service

We have a complete menstrual cup beginner’s guide with everything you need to know when you’re using a menstrual cup for the first time.

Is the fold you’re using not working for you? Our guide introduces you to three different folds. Afraid your menstrual cup is stuck? Our guide has that covered too. And should you come across anything our guide can’t help you with, our brilliant Menstrual Cup Coach Valentina takes time every day to answer your questions until all doubts are cleared.

Our menstrual cup was designed with an easy first-time experience in mind - perfect for beginners

Quick recap of why Ruby Cup is the best menstrual cup for beginners:

  1. The medium softness of the cup makes it easy to fold and hold the cup in place when inserting it
  2. The silky medical-grade silicone makes it easy to insert the cup
  3. The rim is designed so that the cup opens up inside the vagina
  4. The stem, air holes and grip rings support effortless and pain-free removal of the cup
  5. Available in two sizes and it comes with a money-back guarantee
  6. 120-days to either switch size or get a refund if you’re not happy
  7. Thoughtful support from our customer care team to help you out

So...are you ready to order your Ruby Cup or what? We can’t wait to welcome you to the Ruby family and become a part of our social and environmental efforts.

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*Customer Survey August 2019