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Environmenstrual Week
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The Ruby Cup Medium & Ruby Clean combo is ideal for beginners. 

The Ruby Cup is reusable for up to ten years and gives you safe, comfortable, fuss-free period protection. Ruby Cup’s are made of soft medical grade silicone.  

The Ruby Clean collapsible sterilizing container is the perfect companion for boiling and disinfecting your menstrual cup between your periods.

This combo includes a medium cup + clean in the same colour. Klicke hier if you want to choose a different size/mixed colours.

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Mit jedem Kauf spendest du gleichzeitig einen Ruby Cup an eine Person, die keinen Zugang zu sicheren Menstruationsprodukten hat. Klick hier, wenn du noch einer weiteren Person für zehn Jahre eine sorgenfreie Periode ermöglichen willst.

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One Medium Ruby Cup
One Ruby Clean
Your Ruby Cup Donation + Menstrual Health Workshop
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