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Ruby Steriliser

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Sterilising your menstrual cup is a breeze with the Ruby Steriliser. Simply fill with water and pop into the microwave or boil in a conventional oven for a few minutes. 

Platzsparend: The cup is collapsible, foldable and lightweight, making it easy to store or take with you.

Praktisch: Discreet design doesn’t shout menstrual cup. Perfect for shared houses where you don’t want to use communal cooking pots to clean your menstrual cup.

Respektvoll: All Ruby Sterilisers are 100% medical grade silicone and vegan.

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Ruby Cup

Hinweis: pro gekauftem Ruby Reinigungsbecher kann nur ein reduzierter Ruby Cup gekauft werden.

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Gebe jemandem ohne Zugang zu sicheren Menstruationsprodukten, 10 Jahre sichere, bequeme und sorgenfreie Periode.

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What People Say
Fast and convenient

I bought it a few years ago and have been satisfied ever since! It's really practical and really fast, much more convenient than sterilizing the cup in a cooking pot!

Very handy

I bought the Ruby Clean to use primarily when travelling. I am glad I did because I have used it a lot when travelling in places with bad sanitation. It is quite compact when folded up.

Brilliant device

Purchased this purely because keeping a special pot for boiling my cup is a bind. This is so easy & near for storage and to travel. Very pleased and would recommend

What a smart idea

This is the best thing to go along with a cup - makes cleaning/sanitizing quick and easy and I have confidence I'm doing it right! Not 100% necessary, but really nice to have and worth adding on to your cup purchase. You'll be thankful later!


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