Welcome to
Ruby Cup
Our mission is to provide
sustainable period care
for all.

At Ruby Cup, we use the power of business to tackle social and environmental challenges worldwide.

Our team is based out of Barcelona and Nairobi and works with a network of partner organizations across the globe to achieve our mission of normalizing sustainable period care and expanding access to menstrual health education.

To achieve these dual goals, we produce, sell, and donate Ruby Cup menstrual cups so that everyone feels empowered to live their periods with dignity, free of shame. But our work doesn’t stop once someone receives a cup. We also strive to dismantle menstrual taboos and deliver sound education on reproductive health and menstrual care by working with local partners who implement workshops and mentor people with periods worldwide.

Our Story
Ruby Cup was created out of a desire for change.

When Julie, Maxie and Veronica (our founders) created Ruby Cup, it wasn’t simply because they wanted better menstrual health solutions for themselves. Rather, they wanted these solutions to be available to women and girls everywhere, regardless of their income.

Julie was first introduced to menstrual cups by co-founder Maxie whilst studying sustainable business strategies and social entrepreneurship at business school in Copenhagen.

I never thought that there might be other solutions out there. The menstrual cup was a life-changer for me! It suited my needs much better than tampons or pads ever could.

- Julie Weigaard Kjær CEO & Cofounder

Fully convinced that cups were the best period product on the market, Julie decided to do more than just spread the word to friends about menstrual cups.

Together with her co-founders, she took her enthusiasm a step further and developed and designed her very own easy-to-use period cup. But Julie didn't want the experience to end with the person buying a Ruby Cup. She wanted every Ruby Cup to make a real difference, both for those who could afford to buy one, and for those who struggle to afford period products.

With this vision in mind, in 2011 the three founders packed their bags and moved to Kenya to do market research. After experimenting with several different business models, they decided on the model that would become the heart of Ruby Cup's sustainable business: Buy One, Give One.

Since 2012, every single Ruby Cup sold is accompanied by another cup that is donated to a girl or  woman who struggles to gain access to safe and affordable period products. We hope you’ll join us in our Ruby Cup revolution! Together we can start changing attitudes and improving lives!

Our Values
At Ruby Cup, we’re a diverse team full of passion. We exist to make a positive impact on the world and we believe that we can do that through honest relations, building expertise and listening to our stakeholders. The five values that guide us on this path are:

Ethical: We strive to be honest, just and humane in all our business activities and decisions.

Committed: We are committed to our mission and vision.

Good learners: We believe that knowledge is power and always strive to be open minded, reflective and rigorous in all that we do. 

Confident: We are pioneers and experts in menstrual cups and social impact programmes.

Impactful: Our work positively impacts lives and society